Term Of Power


 Power is a case which special influence that can give effect and impact to others whose compliant or non-compliance. Power incriminates coercion elements and blockade, also sacrifice or right deprivation. The concept of power can be defined as individual’s group’s ability to change thoughts or action of other individual according to his needs.[1]

 By Max Weber, (Kapur, 1984) defined power as a tool for individual of a group of people to achieve their objective through action even though their action are cruel.

There is several ways to defined power. Power can be defined as an absolute right of individuals and this right is connected with a governing. It is also can be defined as tool to control other individuals. An ability to achieve individuals needs and a tool to force individual to act according to also can be define as power.

The English political philosophy Hobbes said in his book Leviathan, written in 1651, that the power of a man ‘is his present means to obtain some future apparent good’[2]. Man use their natural abilities to improve their positions but they also employ their assets, resource and even other people to acquire and keep power. Power, sometimes are used crudely by a dictator, like Hitler, for instance, who give orders prompt by mere fancy or whim without considering whether his actions will benefit or harm the people he rules.

 Power is ability, which is gained by a governing group in a society. With power, individuals can control others, make their decision, and force others to follow their rules. As Plato (kapur, 1984) said that power is one’s ability to convince other people until he can influence them to do whatever he needs.

 Political power can be classified as a psychological relation between parties, governing and governed parties. A party is a group, association, or organization. To control these relations between parties, the functions of power must be used. According to Ramanathan (1987), power means influence, absolute right, which is related to the governing power. The ability to solve the problem and to implement policy shows the influence of people loyalty.

 Political power is a group of elite to maintain their influence and use power to govern a group of other people. So we can know power as influence, control and unity, which have close relation between each other’s. Power can influence people’s action and thought. When some organization or parties have power, they can use it to control human action as they need.


 In politic, power is very important because power is the element to govern state; to control people action and manage a country with instructs community or citizen to follow their rules or objectives. There are six factors why power is important. The first is power mean for individual to gain their objectives. The second is power mean for a leader to gain respect and support from people in order to implement the policy. Power is important to ensure a government administration can run in systematically. Forth, power can ensure the peace and stability in a nation. To have confident and believe from other people to a leader is the objective why power is important. And the last, why power is important is power can be as a symbol of strength and influence. So individuals who have power can do anything what he needs and wants to.

 1.2       TYPES OF POWER

 There are five types of power. The first is National Power. National power is a legitimate power, which is defined by the sovereignty of the state and it is legally maintain. This power can be transferred from one person to another through law and election. The second is Personal Based Power. This is accursed to an individual because of his or she possesses attributes that are have valued to others. His or her leadership style and charismatic make people respect and like to obey him. Third is Reward Power. This power defined as when one people have control over resources desired by another. The more highly valued the rewards, the greater the power. Coercive Power is based upon the use or potential use of power. Coercive Power exists for the same reason that Rewards Power does. The last is Charismatic Power. This power can get when an individuals are susceptible to influence because they identify with another person. It is based on the ‘Feeling of Oneness” that a individuals has with another, or the desire for that feeling. Charismatic Power also based on the attraction exerted by an individual on another person or group. People who have charismatic power are called charismatic leaders.


 There are two methods to gain power. The firs is, power can be gained without force and the second is power can be gained through force. Power can be gained without force is how the individuals use certain strategies and use their own method or abilities without used an army or force. They just used their psychologies method and make their idea relevant to others people. For example, Mahatma Gandhi gains his power from mandate from his people with use his abilities. Sukarno also used this method. Good speech also included to this method to gained power.

 The way how power can gained through force is means the power is gained with war and use the army to force. The nation used their military power and war machine. Therefore, small nation will be controlled in a force that their nation will be intervened. For example, Saddam Hussien used his military to gained power.

 As a conclusion, with power, individual, parties, or organization can make their objective follow by others and with power they can control people action and lead people. All laws and regulations will be followed without complaint. Those are not follow the laws will be sanctioned.

Eloborate by: -AZIKRIE-

[1] Kalimuthu, 1987

[2] Peter Harris “Foundation of Political Science” 1997, page 5


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